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The Visual Lottery Analyser program is a cutting-edge lottery analysis software. 
It is distinctive, offering numerous features that are not found in any other software. 
Software now offers innovative analysis methods to enhance your chances of winning. 
For the first time ever, geometry, point diagrams, and colors are utilized to visualize and analyze lottery games. 
Additionally, the software visualizes the game by displaying the ticket in various colors and geometric shapes.The software works with nearly all lottery games worldwide, supports Pick, Keno, and all standard lottery games, including those with additional Powerball or Bonus numbers. 
It provides daily updates of online lottery numbers (drawings). 
Major lottery games from the USA, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries are supported.

Visual Lottery Analyser For Beginners

If you're new to the software or in a hurry to get your tickets, it's designed for ease of use with no learning curve! 
The Visual Lottery Analyser can operate in a fully-automated mode to accommodate your needs. 
The One Step Analysis feature allows you to accomplish everything with a single click: download the latest drawings, automatically analyze the game, obtain the best numbers to play, generate lottery tickets, display them on the screen, and finally optionally print or send them via SMS, among other functions. 
Also, the program has a built-in interactive help system.You can effortlessly set up the software using the Welcome Wizard Screen, select your preferred games, and enable One Step Analysis to run immediately after clicking the software icon on your desktop!

Visual Lottery Analyser For Professionals

As an experienced player, you will discover all the necessary tools for creating advanced tickets, playing, editing, analyzing games, utilizing and modifying wheel systems, calculating, and maintaining statistics for your lottery games, among other features. You can analyze games both manually and visually. Rather than sifting through columns of numbers that reveal little, you can now understand the trends at a glance, analyzing the occurrences, frequencies, groupings or blocks of numbers, special numbers, and numbers arranged in vertical or horizontal lines, or by date, among others.
All of that just simply by examining the visual diagram.
Using the tickets creation features you can create smart lottery tickets according to the software rules or your rules.
The ticket creation feature allows you to generate lottery tickets according to either the software's rules or your own. 
The software is equipped with numerous built-in filters.The software includes features for creating and editing wheel systems, with over 3100 wheel systems provided. These can be utilized to generate lottery tickets by substituting system numbers with personal choices and applying filters to the system.          

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