Search Drawings


Using this feature of Visual Lottery Analyser you can search past results

The feature is very easy to use, just open your game and enter the numbers you want to search for and click Search button to find.

Here are available search methods:

  • Search entire drawings history
  • Search for multiple drawings at once
  • Search and match all numbers
  • Search and match any numbers
  • Search and match all minimum 1 2 3 4... numbers
  • Search for numbers within predefined time range, you can set to search past days, weeks, months or years.
  • Search the entire drawings history or some numbers within set time range.

It's very easy to set the search timeline using built-in lottery numbers range selector.
This selector has also shortcuts to search lottery drawings within

Past 7 Days
Past 2 Weeks
Past 3 Weeks
Past Month
Past 2 Months
Past 3 Months
Past 4 Months
Past 5 Months
Past 6 Months
Past 7 Months
Past 8 Months
Past 9 Months
Past 10 Months
Past 11 Months
Past Year
Past 2 Years
Past 3 Years
Past 4 Years
Past 5 Years
Past 6 Years
Past 7 Years
Past 8 Years
Past 9 Years
Past 10 Years
This Year
All Time
Analysis Range