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One Step Analysis
One Step Analysis is a significant feature of the software, which you can operate independently or set to run automatically upon software launch. If you prefer not to analyze the diagrams from the visual analyzer, this feature provides quicker results without the need for prior learning.

Here's what One Step Analysis performs:

- Downloads the latest game numbers from our server and updates the current game, if necessary.
- Conducts an automatic analysis of the game.
- Generates lottery tickets.
- Saves the tickets to your Tickets Collection.
- Displays the tickets in the Tickets Generator window, where you can print them or send them to a cell phone via SMS.

For more advanced usage, this feature is customizable:
- Within the Tickets Generator options, you can modify default settings, such as the number of tickets to generate, among others.
- In the main software options, under the Text & Email section, you can configure additional messaging options, should you choose to use your own server for sending emails or texts.

You have the option to halt the analysis at any point by clicking the Cancel button located at the bottom right side of the main software window's status bar.

With more states now offering official ticket sales online, you can use the numbers generated by our software to directly enter them on the game's webpage.