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Lottery Numbers
The Lottery Numbers feature allows you to update, edit, or verify the integrity of your game's lottery numbers.

The software can be configured to update numbers automatically, it can update numbers when you are adding a new game or opening a game. We provide current numbers for the biggest lotteries worldwide and all games from many countries! 
The software is designed to automatically update numbers, doing so when adding a new game or accessing an existing one. 
We offer up-to-date numbers for the largest lotteries around the world and games from numerous countries. This additional feature facilitates advanced management of numbers.

With this feature, you can:

- Download all lottery numbers from our server and update your games.
- Manually input new numbers.
- Conduct searches for specific numbers.
- Evaluate filters based on their performance in actual lottery draws.
- Determine if your numbers have ever won, the count of winning numbers you possess, and your financial standing.
- Confirm the integrity of numbers.
- Utilize our Print feature to export numbers to various external formats.