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Tickets Generator
The Tickets Generator is a feature that allows you to create your own tickets for play and view tickets generated by other tools.

The generator includes the following tools:

My Tickets
A compilation of your tickets.

My Filters
A feature that allows you to apply filters to generate lottery numbers

Check Winnings
A tool that enables you to compare all your tickets with drawn numbers to determine the count of winning numbers on your tickets.
The Visual Lottery Analyser selects play numbers through statistical analysis of past draws, utilizing the program's logic and concepts. 

You can configure this generator to create tickets in several ways:

- Employ the Automatic Analysis feature to leverage insights from the Visual Analysis Concept help topic.
- Utilize it as a straightforward random number generator.
- Apply your chosen numbers or those imported from Lotto Notepad.
- Implement our filtering system to construct tickets that adhere to your and our rules.